30 December 2014

a new space for revartmom.

i'm aiming to simplify and focus my attention.  as a part of that focus, i'm moving my online presence.

<<< welcome suzannelvinson.com >>>

on the site, i'll blog, share about gatherings, offer the latest art + soul care goods and more.  please join me there, following the journey.  this space at revartmom has been such a good place over the years.  looking forward to many more at suzannelvinson.com 

if you want to share what you love most about revartmom and what you'd like to see carried over there, please share with me at gather@suzannelvinson.com - i'd love, love to hear from you.

for now, you can return here for archives and such.  i'll move some of my favorite content to suzannelvinson.com over time.  until then, it's fresh and new that you can find there.

23 December 2014

new size!!! a year of daily living :: create your way every day. pocketbook edition!

new size!!!  a year of daily living :: create your way every day.  pocketbook edition!

opening the pages, you'll see the credits and dedication to you, lovely.

a few general pages are next. 

then the "monthly view" which you can hold and use horizontally or vertically.  woah.  that's why i've included a 7x7 grid.  you can make this a calendar with a month and a half, or a single month, or keep it as a story board, project board, or such. 

and the daily pages follow.  32 daily pages between 6 "monthly views".

and more variety!  grab your copy on amazon or in my etsy shop.  i'm cutting you a deal for this work for as long as i'm able.  i can drop ship to you of we can mail your copy with a paid paypal invoice. 

09 December 2014

daily living workbook! newest in the art of daily living series.

:: introducing the daily living workbook :: 

suzanne l. vinson offers the daily living workbook to you as a speical part of the art of daily living series. as a lover of get it done lists and daily mapping, suzanne has created a baker’s dozen. you can use the 13 sections in this workbook to CREATE. COLOR. DRAW. DOODLE. CALENDAR. SKETCH. PLAN. PRODUCE. LIST. MARK. REMEMBER. use this as a 13 month planner, a visual outline of your next book, a food diary, journal through the days of a year in each sweet block, create a story quilt of your days adding imagery and a word of the day, record the wisdom you hear along the way, or fashion the workbook in a manner only you create. whether sketching your days or creating lesson plans, the daily living workbook has space to hold your creativity. you provide the color and flair. workbook pages can be shared with #theartofdailyliving

thirteen sections of blocks + pages as seen here, each section varies.  

with additional pages in the back for notes :: 

i'm thrilled with how this black and white work has turned out, 
and i'll share mine next week when my workbook is in hand! 

please share what you think! 

28 November 2014

a holiday show weekend!

handmade HOLIDAY is happening with great cheer!  the dearest jenn will be showing my wears at this show and i'm so, so grateful.  and you're the lucky ones, too, as she's so amazing and fun to talk with - be sure to say hello and get your favorites of my goods for the holidays. 

and... for each of these shows :: 
all sales over $50 receive a free poster (($22 value)) while supplies last! 

my annual holiday open studio is happening the. same. day.  it's a holiday show weekend! 
my open studio is a part of this wider show :: the ginter park show 

i've been a part of each of these shows for over 7 or 8 years. i'm amazed - the time has flown by so fast.  and you lovelies are so kind to keep me going!  your thoughtful feedback helps me know where and when my art is reaching your heart and soul.  you're amazing.  thank you. thank you.  in the spirit of thanksgiving, please enjoy coupon code PUREDELIGHT in the etsy shop through 12.10.2014 ((minimum order of $10. coupon does not apply to custom work this round.))

please order by 12.10.2014 for holiday gift orders.  all orders will come wrapped so pretty, too.  

y'all are the best.  xo.

08 November 2014

a new stole! the love stole.

:: introducing my latest custom stole :: 

the love stole. design copyright suzanne l. vinson. 

perfect for officiating weddings, unions, funerals, and those lovely liturgically white high holy days.  the ivory, white, and cream tones are combined though lace, silk, and cotton.  

loaded with age and texture, these vintage and modern fabrics are sewn together to create a story of its own.  the asymmetry is delicious.  i love this piece in every way!  

looking to order? wedding stole to get yours on my production schedule.  

28 October 2014

a call for wisdom stories and a call for witnesses.

 brave-hearted, creative, loving soul,

because you bless me through your stories...
because you share so much through your stories of how my daily wisdom cards have carried you through, picked you up, called your attention, and blessed others...

will you please share your stories + photos so we may all be witnesses?

share on your blogs
on instagram ((tag @slsvinson and/or #silvertreeart))
on twitter ((@silvertreeart))   
and other spaces where the light can shine thorough the cracks.   

please tag #silvertreeart #wisdomstories

while we don't all want to call attention to the good we do in the world, i know my daily wisdom cards have filled you up with so much creative sharing.   some of us are called to witness the good you put forth in the world.  you send packages to college students and tuck them in.  you fill cards with hand written words and place a card inside.  you leave gifts of kindness and a card behind.  not everyone has the same idea.  your sharing can inspire others to be present to a friend in need.  to take time to care for their mind, body, and soul.  to pause their busy, busy days and soak in the beauty of the present moment.  you have so much within you.  there's much to share.  please do.  ((and thank you!))

you fill my heart.  peace. light.

xo. suzanne l. vinson

22 October 2014

a 2015 calendar! now taking pre-orders!

hello, lovelies!  it's been a while.  i really, really need to create time in my daily living for this blog.  while i'd hoped the new site would be up and running at this point, these things have a time of their own.  even so, i'm happy you're here and i'll show up a little more often, too.  

new. new. new.  

these will be printed on 100 pound bright white cougar paper.  each design varies throughout your calendar and you'll receive an undated wisdom print, too.

these will ship before thanksgiving.  when you order using the etsy payment option in the shop, your card shouldn't be charged until your order is mailed from what i understand.  ((please let me know if i'm incorrect!))

peace and light to you and yours, lovelies.