28 April 2012

kindness changes everything.

kindness on the move!  

while on an overnight retreat this past friday night, i shared a trio of kindness changes everything stickers.  i decided this kindness mission was meant to be shared from the start. 

at a hotel table in the lobby: 

beside a phone.  a phone!!  in one of the halls. 

and for a special someone who saw me carrying flowers.  i hadn't intended them for her, but soon realized they were for her.  she said, "oh, thank you! these will make my work day go by faster."  as she slipped into a room i snuck a sticker under and snapped a photo.  what a kind soul she was.  so hoping her day was just what she needed and the smell of these flowers continues to lift her spirit.  i hope that she can fill her mug and receive exactly what she needs, whatever that is.  

kindness changes everything.  

kindness certainly changes us from within.  we release worry, tension, fear.  we can release our own possessive thoughts and egocentric behaviors.  we look beyond ourselves while practicing the goodness nesting within.  

kindness.  changes.  everything. 

((and i'm so thankful for the contiued lessons learned in this soulsister collaboration!))

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