17 January 2012

life stories: stand in the light of your truth.

standing in the light of my truth.  i love tonic water with lime.
it's cool, crisp and refreshing.
my memories return to summer and this leo heart is calmed.

i also see i need to repaint my nails.  this polish has been with me the longest, is the smelliest and thickest polish i own.  let's say, this is the last i'll be wearing it and i've loved its golden shade.

standing in the light of my truth: i love to cook. i love eating good, whole foods.  sunday night's preparation to begin eating monday:  wild rice casserole from heidi swanson's  

and i love friends who share from their abundnace to meet needs.  a dear soul provided my family with a brand new cuisinard blender.  i will praise this delightful person again and again, sending blessing each time i use this fantastic tool.  hummus made for our family's lunches this week.

a bit of wisdom with for called to create as i aim to live into this call daily.

standing in the light of my truth.  ((all of these images were taken on monday, 1.16.2012.
 a day filled with friends, good food, and great care.))

a pot of rose hip tea steeping for a long while to provide my sweet boy with exactly what he needs in {{this}} moment.  he's got the crud and is spending a day by my side.  a day of rest.  a day of renewal.

may we each have exactly what we need in our cup, pot, or bowl.
may we find and create spaces of rest and renewal.
may we find and stand in the light of our truth.

xo. suzanne

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