15 January 2012

life stories: a weekend in images.

morning light through the kitchen window.  i love, love that color so loud 
pointed out the green inside and outside the window.  
((notice my boy's concoction in the spice jar, too.  
green water. he loves creating, too.  
especially fun experiments!))

a gentle reminder in chalk on a freshly painted chalkboard surface.  
finally leaning into the full spaces of our home, 
seeing some parts come to be just the way i want.  
other spaces getting just enough love to  settle in. 

dusting and straightening.  altering the design just so.  
lighting a candle. sending forth wishes. 

creating a space to dwell. adding a bit more flare mixing up the art on the walls. 
 ((loving this chair given to us by my love's grandparents.  
we are lucky to have such an heirloom in our home.))  

this is a perfect space to sit.  to think.  to write. to sip.  to read.  to witness.  to love. 

standing still to look at the fading afternoon light.  beholding my first piece of stained glass. remembering the class taught by a friend in a church i was serving.  
i love the connection and story that's within this image
containing my favorite color story. aaah.

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