10 January 2011

life stories: bread making + rest, 2

in the between spaces of playing in the snow, attending worship, being fed, and leading workshops, i admired the beauty surrounding us. i drank it in. having both water and mountains and trees all present in one view does a soul well. my inner well was filled up over the holidays among my loves and my soul friend. my well runs into the roots of my toes, which often soak in the goodness that my feet stand upon. sometimes that goodness is in your company, through your good words, and in the energy of the space surrounding me. here are glimpses of the still, yet moving moments that spoke to my soul through the recent retreat at Montreat.

snow seen on the mountain and lake is so, so lovely.

seeing the flakes fall, wondering how the drive will be. mostly experiencing the wonder of snow fall.

a good mug of ceylon tea at the table with my boy. a morning ritual i've grown accustom.

there's nothing quite like the sun peaking above the mountain, saying "hello" to the day. my eyes reach up to meet the morning with a glance, drinking in this good light.

and there's a sweet boy nearby, enjoying the window seating by the tree decorated with woodland sights + sparkles. enjoying these moments. celebrating such a good time together.

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