08 January 2011

life stories: bread making + rest

with my retro sunglasses on and a spring in my step, i moved through the between spaces of retreat with my sweet boy. between sharing the spirituality of bread making and baking bread for communion among these generous folks, my sweet boy and i played a bit.

i admired the landscape in it's monotone story, noting the trees, the snow, and the mountains.


i admired my boy and his determined steps. playing on the playground in the snow in his new red boots. he's a cool one, my boy.

i played with this whole "self portrait" phase of mine while on the playground. i feel a bit like a mother bee in these sunglasses, one of my favorite shades of green. they'll do.

and my boy knows about pictures of feet. we were standing together and i couldn't resist. he became playful, placing his toes over mine. i dig it.

time in the mountains at Montreat was sacred. each experience of teaching one another through sacred practices was felt: both outwardly and within. i am amazed that even hours after leading, folks were emailing and commenting in person about how much the spirituality of bread making spoke to them and about how i spoke to them. i am so pleased to be living my call to create in these ways. i love, love the life i'm leading.

now to just get ahold of those pesky pieces of really building my own practices of saving for retirement, filling in the gaps that ministry in a structured organization "might" provide, and continue spreading the good word that i am looking for more opportunities to share (retreats, workshops, small group facilitation in the studio and on traveling). thankful to live fully, one step at a time.

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