12 January 2009

in with the new...

good things are happening.  good, meaningful conversations are taking place.  friends are around us and we are feeling good.  that doesn't mean that my home is always clean or that we take naps every day.  what it does mean is that there are some professional moments of success brewing.  my wears will soon be in a new glam gallery in richmond and possibly at another cool spot.  i'll link to that space when it's officially "there".  you'll also get some sneak peaks of the work that is being made.  a page of these cool shops will come on the site, too.  long overdue.

i'm in discussion with a publishing company who maybe using one of my prints as a prayer in a women's voice compilation.  AND i'm really putting energy into a book idea i've had for some time.  i'm very excited to see what can come from each of these opportunities.  i mention it here because this is a record of the journey.  stating my hopes and movements forward is good.  the energy and focus shifts and we move forward together.  it's also a little nerve racking!  so many plans and hopes fill our minds that we don't share, it's a brave moment when we say to the world, "hey, i'm here.  i have something to offer that you want, world.  i think that what i have to offer can help, while we're at it!  so, world, welcome me. receive my creativity and let's move forward together."  whew.  no cute picts today.  just the one you can create in your mind.  

a young woman sits in her bathroom watching a blonde haired boy create his dish of the day using duplo blocks, bathtub bubbles, and other colorful toys.  she's typing to the tunes of dan zanes when she spies little eyes bent low watching.  quiet eyes.  twinkling eyes.  she looks up and her little one smiles bright, then continues cooking.  aah.  these moments are priceless.  i love my life.  even the water on the floor is good.  he's singing and building.  there's a lot of creative love in this little space.  

and folks, this wee space online is a highlight.  i enjoy hearing from you who share that you read my words, following these thoughts until the next.  i appreciate all the thoughtful blogs that i read and am inspired by.  so thanks.  

and now to finish our nightly routine.  tonight will be complete with some sewing while quietly sipping great orange spice tea of the great mother's.  love that spice tea!  she and that tea warm my heart.  read her blog if you don't already.  cheers.

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  1. PLEASE let us know more about the publishing company. i'm so proud for you. :)