14 January 2009

preview of things to come

some have asked what creative juices are flowing.  here's a peak at the spring line of brooches and the newest blockprint.  Once carved, I'll share the prints.  
the labels are from one of the tutorials on the top 100 tutorials of 2008 list i've mentioned previously.  they're great for my immediate need.  i love making my own, but will likely order some at some point...  pictured left to right:  white silk, lime cotton ribbon, and cream cotton ribbon.  this is the only ink color my printer is up to printing these days, so that narrowed my choices.  they're cute, though.
enjoy!  let me know what you think, too!  i'll be adding some really nice greens into the mix, but have concentrated on pinks, reds, and blues (can you tell?).  cheers!


  1. those are ALL awesome. you NEVER cease to amaze me. i really wish you lived closer. i miss you.

  2. We like.

    (Enough said? Or do you wish me to elaborate? :-D )