12 January 2009

out with the old...

The Richmond Craft Mafia is hosting their 2nd annual craft swap to benefit Art 180.  Join the fun of bringing your unused craft supplies to swap!  You know the ones--those great finds that have sat on the shelf for a year only to tease you.  You haven't used them, but it's okay!  You have a space to swap!  This Sunday at Art Works from 2-5 p.m.  Pick out something new and exciting to take up and enliven the creative senses.  Fabric, Buttons, Beads, Stamping, Carving...you'll find the gambit!   You are by no means required or expected to bring something to swap...and you can send what you have even if you can't attend.  It's all for a great cause!

In addition, Fleur Fabrics is offering the same idea at her first annual fabric swap.  Two great spaces to share your unused fabrics!   (Check out her blog for a super sweet sale!)  

And if you have fabrics you aren't using, I'm currently receiving fabrics, sewing notions, buttons, lace, ribbon, etc. for the winter & spring bereavement groups.  Just let me know if you have some to share.

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