11 January 2009

a year of learning

i love seeing what other creative minds come up with through their blogs.  the long thread featured a "top 100 tutorials of 2008" which is great.  some of the tutorials i have read and/or used, while others are a new find.  one in particular: creating your own labels is being tried and tested this weekend.  if only my printer would perk up and allow the ink to flow!  and with new cartridges!  the nerve.  can't this machine know that i am ready to give this project a whirl, just when i was shopping online for my own labels?  alas.

sunday morning pancakes are made and we're off to a good start for the day.  here's hoping yours is filled with good food and good friends/family.



  1. how are you? i love seeing what creative ideas you have come up with...