31 December 2008

happy new year

we have enjoyed a day with some of life's simple pleasures:  fresh baked bread, hot coffee, a game of scrabble, and gumbo.  of course there's more i can add to the list, but no need.  each day that i spend with my husband, my partner in life + love of my life, i am better.  i am more whole.  i see reflected in our time the love shared.  

this week we've had good time to spend with each other while our son has traveled to AL to visit the great grandparents and some grandparents. we're lucky to have family we trust who care for our son so well.  he is better for their love and we're truly grateful.  

many folks look to this time to set goals for the year ahead, to promise to weigh less, love more, and display some higher rank or honors (job, wealth, etc.).  while i appreciate new years resolutions, i try to maintain presence to the moment.  a friend and former professor taught me the mantra long ago, "suzanne, do the best you can today."  i try to do the best i can.  today that means letting hubby win at scrabble, enjoying coffee at a local coffee shop, creating a new bread recipe, and trying to move into the new year with a whole heart.  a heart set on my family, my craft + art, my devotion to those who grieve, and my pursuit of health & wholeness for women in ministry.  

to my friends both near and far, be blessed.  enjoy your day off.  enjoy your time to reflect and to live.  enjoy the new babies growing within, the children running around, and the partners & spouses who surprise us.  welcome, 2009.  welcome new days and new nights.  new spaces to grow and new opportunities yet to be revealed.  


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  1. happy new year, love. thank you for the clothes!!!