29 December 2008

simple goodness

abundance.  and i'm not just talking about the abundance of gifts that came into our home for and from friends and family-many of which chosen from their listening presence during conversations over time.  i'm speaking of the light, love, and life that comes from the energy and meaning during this time of the year.  i'm talking about the generosity from one to another, friend or foe, stranger or lover. 

kindess and goodwill springs forth.  the sense of community, belonging, is magnified (or lack thereof).  griefs are profound with an empty chair, a missed card, and a hurting heart.  we miss our past traditions and create new ones.  

we have an abundance of love, friends, and life in our cozy home.  on the flip side, as we receive thoughtful gifts of bowls, fabric, and food, we must also be responsible to our space.  we want a home that is indeed cozy rather than crowded.  our crafts must be used and not sad on shelves. in an attempt to accomplish good, practical use of space, i am cleaning out.  i find that we are to be responsible for what we own, and in that act, i will participate in donating good items to my son's preschool, as well as to the Richmond Craft Mafia's Craft Swap, once postponed, now set to happen mid-January.  more to come. 

a local church had a "free market" leading to christmas.  great idea.  to quote a friend, "it started with a table.  then two.  one room.  then a larger room with many tables."  a grand use of space and intention.  good things happened and are happening in their space.  my secret wish (now not so secret) is that the "free market" will continue throughout the year-maybe not every week, but on a regular basis.  generosity and thoughts toward others in need are so strong this time of the year.  may we continue the spirit of generosity and care for others the whole year long.  we hope to seek ways we can provide acts of kindness.   simple goodness. shared.    

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