14 December 2008

holiday thanks

thank you to all who are shopping local and shopping handmade.  a special cheer to those of you who are also making handmade items for giving this year.  so many at the handmade holiday purchased bead bags and stating that they were inspired to create.  that's superior.  a sort of motto i chose long ago, which describes part of what i do and why i do:

be creative ~ go inspire
be inspired ~ go create

there's a mission to create.  make space for creativity whether it's in your meal planning, list making, cooking, relationship building, gift giving, loving, or living.  hey, you can make art + craft, too.  as i encounter so many friendly faces and delightful souls, i'm rejuvinated.  i live out why i create each piece of jewelry, stitch each brooch with care, sew each blessing birdie, and carve each woodblock (some silvertreeart branches).  I do so in love, in color, and in hopes of my work being a blessing and bringing peace to you.  

Peace to you.  [Now I will work on the promised blessing birdies tutorial and get it to you asap!  I'm trying something new as a way of sharing, so we'll see. ]

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