07 April 2008

Good Press

Hello, fine friends. I am honored to be recognized in a recent online article. Check it out here. Some sweet artist friends are mentioned as well. How great!

It seems to be the week for recognition. My "On Women, children and poverty" blockprint found here is featured in a Women's Health Awareness Art Exhibit downtown at the James Center. It is printed on high quality paper used for printing and watercoloring and sits atop layers of paper. I laughed about receiving an Honorable Mention at the awards ceremony. It was sweet and an honor. He he. The inner critic wants to say "no doing" but I'm happy to put that voice to rest for a while...for it always comes back.

Today I say, woo hoo. Thanks to all of you who lend your support in so many good ways. I appreciate all you peeps.

Good lovin'.


p.s. here's more good press: richmond craft mafia's website found here.


  1. d*man...i am so proud of you!!! you make me happy...

    sorry i missed your call last night...i will call you tonite after the red-head goes to bed...

    LOVE you!

  2. sorry i missed your call yesterday. i was flyin' solo with the diva...and she wasn't acting very nice. :(

    i'll call you this week.


  3. I love the block prints!!!