21 April 2008

sunday's spring bada-bing

what a hit! the show was great and there were MANY more talented individuals than i had the privilege to meet. woo hoo! check out the photostream with pictures from the show that a fellow artist uploaded. You'll note that I've linked my booth with my oblivious self (not recognizing the picture was taken!). Good stuff.

enjoy these glimpses. i'll be in a new lakeside shop--more to come--and a NC gallery soon to open. good stuff.

i'll be looking for more birdcages and other shelving for setup in some shops. this was lots of fun to use. love what i came up with and so many others did, too. the best compliment was that this should be featured in the mary englebreit magazine! how sweet.


  1. kudos to you, my love! :P

    i LURV me some englebreit!!!


  2. good talking to you...i love you!

  3. hope the weather was kinder to you than most up there...love ya.