26 March 2008

spring show news!

Spring Bada Bing! My happy announcement today: Silver Tree Art will be selling at this great show! I've supported Art 180 for years and am super excited that SBB is located there this year. My heart is full! I'll be busy busy making more goodies, as I never think I have enough. The icing on the cake: I've been working on a new display and it will be ready for the show!

I'm very honored and thrilled to be a part of the Richmond Craft Mafia's rockin' show. They kick ass.

check out this year's list of vendors here.


  1. no, YOU kick ass...and take names, heffa!!! i'm so proud of you!!!!

  2. oh, you take the cake, my dear! i love you beyond words...and have been following your blog--woo, lordy. life is good. life is fun. life is life.

  3. "i carry your heart with me. i carry it in my heart..."
    ~ e.e. cummings

    TGIF!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  4. good luck with your show! sounds fun!

  5. i miss your face and your sweet nature. just know i think of you all the time...i know we can pickup the phone and start back where we left off...i miss that.