02 October 2012

some days are pure magic.

some days are just magical.  today was one.  
this photo of peacocks were taken at maymont park in richmond, va back in april. 
 these days i feel as though my plume is coming to be.  is becoming. 

each day is filled with color.  
each day is an opportunity to earn my feathers, 
seeing hopes and dreams come to life.  

showing. up. 

sacred stories. 
the sound of breathing. 

stories.  sacred stories. 
space. sacred space.

a good, good meal prepared by a friend. 
a soul sister who will pick up and care for my boy.

magic dust. 

it. is. so. good.  

the unfolding continues.  
((have i shared about unfolding?  i feel like we're at the table together, yet there's so much more to talk about than we have time for.  soon.  soon.  time for a fresh mug and a sit together.))


  1. suzanne.
    you add so much beauty to my life. through your images, and words, and your heart.
    so grateful.

  2. Just discovered your site today. Your words are magical. And I have always loved the Maymont peacocks...I will appreciate them even more now as I call to mind your thoughts.