03 October 2012

from my heart to yours :: a shop coupon that's more than a coupon.

my heart is full.  

sometimes we're too busy to see it.  feel it.  live it.  

slowing down. 
breathing in.  breathing out. 

in abundant appreciation for those who have shown up
for us in the last few weeks, i'm showing up for you. 

if you're so inclined:  45% off wisdom cards + goods 
in the etsy shop.  24-36 hours only.  
((i'll know when to close the coupon code.)) 

use the cards as a gift for yourself.  
bake and take a loaf of bread, tucking in a note. 
ding dong ditch a neighbor or someone your car or feet are drawn to. 

send a wisdom card to someone who needs it.  
i find folks often receive exactly what they need. 

from my heart to yours.  

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