24 June 2012

these days: 100 in 100 is on!

100 in 100.  it's on. 100 square inches.  it was a thought, almost an inspired call.  i'm called to create.  i'm called to minister.  i'm called to share.  i made a comment about wanting to do 100 mixed media paintings in 100 days and the interest was instant.  i started the list of 100 calling it the 100 club.  some have chosen certain numbers to represent anniversaries or birthdays while others just want their piece, whatever the number it ends up being.  i'm creating each original work of art to be a color story of its own with vintage goodness layered between paint, oil pastels, pencil, and ink.

oh, my.  i'm already in love.  

10x10x2 on canvas.  ((awaiting words of wisdom.))

the first in the 100 club has requested a beautiful bit of wisdom "share joy relentlessly" with extra greens in the color story.  she may love this piece or another.

i find with this work that you'll know yours when you see it.  and i believe you will.  each of these will become a network of love and wisdom.  as you follow their creation here on the blog or on instagram ((@slsvinson)), you'll see what comes to life through color, texture, and word.

i am so very excited.  all this good work and energy is pouring from within.  there's so much bubbling out that i. must. share.  and this is where i feel called to share right. now.   with you...

you'll place your own story into the piece as you witness it, adding your own blessing/good energy/delight to the work itself.  you'll be breathing into these works your goodness.  can you imagine?  these will carry such goodness into homes, offices, or others spaces that aim to delight!

there's so much more to come!  i'll officially "begin" on july 1st, but i'm warming up before then with a few paintings.  these aren't all going to be created in the same day as they're started, though i want to aim to complete one each day.  there are so many layers that go into each piece they need time to rest.  ((much like daily bread.))

i'm still taking pre-registrations for the 100 in 100 for $100 each.  contact me to register at any point in this process.

daliy bread. yes.  that's what i'm kneading here.  let what rises come to you!  are you yeast that's causing the dough to rise?  will you help bring my daily bread to life?

oh, much. much. much more to come, lovelies.  much more.


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