25 March 2012

in a moment of quiet.

even in these moments of quiet words are swimming in my mind.

updates for ical.  to-do's needing to add to the get it done list.  ((oh, i do love lists.))
bright ideas.  ((they never stop. thank you, creative spirit!))  a weekly menu to construct and create.  ((and i'll be out almost every night this week.))  a festival to help plan for april. ((go team!))  500 feet of celebration banner to complete before easter.  ((love, love, love.))  so much more.

so. much.

it's exciting!  it's what i want and need.  i need work.  i need to create.  i need the space to grow and thrive.

and yet...

in this moment of quiet i center my focus on one task.  one task and then possibly another.  some times my endless list can feel overwhelming.  my breath quickens.  ((you know exactly what i'm talking about.))  one step.  one focused task encountered and completed.  ((how good that feels!))

making time for...

yoga.  centering.  breathing.  sitting.  listening.

whole again.

sending light and love.

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