02 November 2011

life stories: these days.

these days are spent remembering.  

these days are spent creating. 

they're also spent living well.  living creatively.  i am learning something about the flow of september and october.  being a woman who LOVES the summer heat, i find the chill somewhat sad.  i know the leaves will fall in a brillant display, but i want to avoid that knowledge.  i know that winter will come with the white and gray and during that time i'll quilt, knit, and create using bright, bold COLOR.  i know these things.

these days are spent pondering.

my rhythm moves into the space of the academic year quite well.  the start of school was filled with excitement and uncertainty for my sweet boy as he began kindergarden.  he was wise to know both existed within himself.

we experienced an earthquake and hurricane.  we had a collective grief as a community.  unnamed, but felt.  i could see the fear and anxiety in the eyes of others on the street.  i could hear the saddness in conversations.  we were grieving.  it was real.  i think it took a few weeks to recognize what was happening enough to name it.

within that space of grief came a bit of crazy juggling as Irene presented a gift: a tree atop our main car. we moved creatively managing just fine with one car.  i had to immediately simplify what i was able to accomplish as i became the transport for the family.  waking up earlier, moving with intention.  caring for everyone and finding a bit of space for myself somewhere in there.  i moved smarter and landed with a gift: a stronger sense of intimacy in the beginning-of-school days.  we shared that time moving to-and-fro in ways we hadn't before.  those days were a gift.

eventually we found THE car we were to purchase: a new-to-us 2005 silver toyota matrix rx.  love, love, love this vehicle.  it's been a saving grace for the hauling to-and-fro required to share art+spirit love at art shows and for workshops & retreats.  already the vehicle has provided the perfect transport for me and my handmade goodness.  already my experiential prayer station packed matrix has helped me lead.  how amazing.

trees are a large part of my spirituality.  trees are present in all that i do.  i'm still pondering the gift of a tree crashing down on our car.  perhpas it's just in my nature to find meaning in the situation.  perhaps i'm too serious.  perhaps there's space in all of life's adventures for a little learning and a bit of meaning, too.  after all, we're the ones assigning meaning.  we assign menaing to expressions, words, stories, foods, and relationships.  it's in our nature.

these days are spent sharing. 

my time is the greatest gift i can offer to others.  my days are spent balancing times of self care and rest with times of conversation and food.  i am honored by those who choose to make time for me and who welcome me fully into their day.  what an honor!

these days are spent writing.

i've hinted, hemmed and hawed, and handwritten.  i've lived out my book for the last year and i'm finally ready to WRITE it for proposal and hopeful publication.  i've rested. i've looked at my fears.  i've decided to play BIG and to push forward.  i'm giving birth to the writing within me.  it's exciting and exhausting at times.  so much of this work is woven into my muscles.  the work is fused with my soul.  oh, my.  i hadn't realized.  i had no clear sense of how much this work within me mattered to me. i think it's going to be good.  i believe in the work within me and as i express my intentions and intent for the work, i begin to get a sense of the goodness that can come to others.  

so, lovelies, there's much taking shape in this space of rev art mom silence.  there are sighting of the work of my hands as folks enter my studio, visit me at shows, contract with me to lead gatherings.  i'm set to be in a number of spaces between now and the end of 2011 and i'll do my best to share those experiences here. 

i think there's a flow and a pace that i'm finding myself in at this time of year.  what it means for 2012 is to have a few guests posting on the blog as a way of being in that space of low tide.  i'm starting to invite folks now.  

i'm hearing from you, too, as to what you'd appreciate in this space.  i'm listening.  and i'll be weaving those requests that connect to my soul & vision here, too.  keep dreaming.  let me know.  your words matter.  truly.  

these days are spent grateful.

thank you. thank you.  from the bottom of my heart. xo.

((photos by the amazing Frick Frack Foto, 2011.))

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