27 October 2011

centering truths

there are times that we become so centered on what is taking shape within us or what is happening immediately around us that we become self-centered.  lately my focus has been on Country Living Fair, art shows, and spirituality events.  i've been thinking a lot about my business name, websites, and marketing.  i've vended at fairs and shared my story.

then i've taken the time to move my body: to practice yoga. to gather among friends over tea and coffee.  to sit.  to be at home and with my family.  to center within those spaces that feed my soul.

by centering my self in the midst of others, listening to their life stories, i find myself restored and whole.  i am moving outside of the immediate needs of myself, moving outside of the ME yet fully present.  i am restored.  i am known.  i am witnessing.  i am listening.  i am allowing life stories and truths to flow in the space of that shared goodness and energy.  i am present.

my love for color, stories, art, and the spiritual journey calls me back to this space.  i've been so saturated with life in so many good ways, yet i've found myself quiet.  i could name those sources of silence, but for now i'll just say that i needed to give myself breathing room without knowing it!

sometimes i'm afraid of what others will say or do or think.  for a while i was told another was modeling my words, my blog, my story.  that's okay.  sometimes we need to practice using our own voice by borrowing another's voice.

what i will say: i love life.  i love the centering that takes place daily.  i love knowing others in really meaningful ways.  i love spending time in the sun, soaking in every drop.  i love sharing my story and helping fellow artists share theirs.  i love my family and the cozy home we're sharing our time within.  i love listening.  i love sharing.  i love using my words to share goodness.

now...  in the spirit of sharing, i'd like to hear from you.  as you show up here on reverend artist mother, what inspires you?  what have you missed that hasn't been present lately?  ((good quotes, recipes, photos of the garden?))  post a comment here.  i moderate them.  if your message is only for me, please say so.  if it's a message to share, i'll post the comment.  so, grab your favorite mug and share what's on your mind.  let us connect, bringing centering truths to one another.


  1. I always feel welcomed to your blog. You have a hospitable spirit that invites me into a creative space. Thanks for sharing... I love your recipes, your photos of art, etc. What about some simple creativity/spirituality exercises on here? I wish I could sit in your art studio with you but distance keeps that from happening. What would I experience if I could come there?

  2. i so love what you shared here, suzanne, about the preciousness of centering. it is such a gift, isn't it? you share beautiful things here. xx