03 November 2011

creative peeps: Modern June's Sewing with Oilcloth!

Modern June's Booth at Country Living Fair was amazing!  her colors were bright and bold.  i think that's why i love returning to kelly's fabric again and again.  i was touched & delighted to be a part of kelly's Modern June Boutique in the Ohion & Atlanta Country Living Fairs.  i was able to attend the show with kelly in atlanta, cutting oilcloth, chalk cloth, and laminated cottons for two days straight! i loved stretching the fabrics across the table and seeing something new and bright in them again and again. i loved hearing folks plans for tablecloths, bags, and many other projects.  what a gift! 

Kelly's new book is out and it's a colorful array of goodness.  You'll see form and function meet fun! I'll be making some of these snack bags & sandwich keepers using some beautiful laminated cottons from Kelly's Oilcloth Addict shop.  Such fun!

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