03 July 2011

life stories: {this} moment. art + spirit + abundance.

so if you're in the indie craft + art show world, the rockin' crafty bastards applications are due tomorrow. it's pretty amazing to see photos of my work through another's eyes.  i love these photos and have pulled them to use as favorites for this season's art show applications.  i'm looking forward to the events in 2011.  we'll see how the competition + opportunity goes as jurying, scheduling, and life events go.  i'm looking forward to the fall crafting season.  it's a rich fun time for sure. 

truly, i love these photos, which share with you the work of my hands + a little taste of my art+spirit endeavors.  so much has come together in motherhood, ministry, & the arts over the years.  i'm so glad to have witnesses to the journey.  you make this sharing very special.  continue to send those good vibes, cheers, and love.  your energy + my energy is necessary as i put pen to paper (literally!) and get this book proposal of mine written. 

i've told myself for over 3 years i'd write this book.  i'm doing so one word at a time after months of sharing projects, guided imagery, and visioning.  i've been preparing myself for the ministry i'm doing for over a decade.  really, a lifetime.  i'm so very thankful.  now to put the work of these hands out there, sharing what i do with you and others.  allowing myself to be received again and again.  allowing my hands to meet yours in sacred space.  this life is precious.  this life is sacred.  this life is full of goodness and mystery and abundance.  i'm here, moving into these sacred spaces, marking this moment, leaning into my wholeness.  

photos taken by frick frack foto in the art+spirit studio. 

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