11 July 2011

life stories: in my mother's studio + office.

a bunch of rik rak + bias after mom finished sewing a dress for a dearie.

color sorted.  ((of course.))

a quick tutorial on my new old surger.  an awesome find by my mother!  
such a happy addition to the studio.  ((now it's time for a studio reorganize!))

seeing the old made new. pastel colors from a beautiful old tin.  seeing the color in each day brings such delight and life.  seeing the beauty in what's broken and worn.  

creating something from nothing.  

life is such a gift.  i'm willing to root myself where i'm standing, grounding myself in the moment.  i'm willing to love fiercely and life well. i'm willing to love myself as i ought.  i'm willing to love others with a love that brings life and ushers peace.  my hope + wish + prayer is that i choose wisely those i trust. that i keep gratitudes only briefly then cast them into the wind to spread love and gratefulness and joy elsewhere.  that i embrace everything that is me in this moment. this body. this mind. this spirit.  

reflecting on these images creates a bit of something.  

may your day be filled with goodness and color as well.  

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