02 July 2011

life stories: {this} moment. nest building + wish casting.

in some of these moments i'm making a little nest. a literal nest. one that will be shared soon.  one that holds memories and hopes of life ahead for a dear friend.  i'm building something sweet that fills my soul. 

the nest you see pictured here was made by these hands for a sweet hazel wren, daughter to two dear, dear souls.  i love my kindred spirits around my world that bring light and life.  i love stitching for each of them, sending light and love with each stitch.

i love that these sacred stitches will hang in hazel's room, adding color that reflects the bright life she will lead.  such dreams we put into their sweet little lives.  as i stitch i'm sending out wishes for each: i wish for each love. wholeness in mind, body, and spirit. peace (in the spirit of shalom & wholeness). kinship. to be known. to be seen. to be heard.  i wish for each friendship. true friendship. forever friendship. soul friendship.  

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