24 June 2011

in the studio: painting hands.

i love images that tell a story, 
and these tell a story of a loving creation in process. 

((absolutely one of my favorite photos of the entire process. love, love.))

yes. a look of pure concentration, getting lost in the creative flow.

what better than to end the story in images with feet, planted in this sacred space of the art+spirit studio.  i love seeing, touching, remembering, sharing everything about these photos. i love that my friend rani ((since we were 12 was with me as i created, taking these images)).  i love so much these days.  it's a good space to occupy, rooted in this sacred space, rooted as a sacred soul centered in knowing.  present to others. leaning fully into my call & my voice.  sacred steps. sacred marking moments.  sacred stories.

photos by frick frack foto.

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  1. it is just awesome to see all the pictures come together. what a truly wonderful day this was! :)