25 June 2011

creative spaces: creative clergy prayer flags.

before a great trail run with erin, i looked up and saw her prayer flags from creative clergy hung.  my breath caught and then released, knowing how special this space is.  this is home.  this is the space where she creates, sometimes hosts church, lives and loves.  i am thankful to witness these flags in her space, shared here. 



  1. Hi. I've been following since I saw a post about your art on facebook. I'm a priest in Kentucky and we have mutual FB friends (Susan Daughtry and Lauren Kuratko). Anyway, can you tell me more about clergy prayer flags?
    Amy Dafler Meaux

  2. amy,

    what a pleasure to know you're here! i'm very happy to offer you more on this! i have a monthly creative clergy group ((lauren could offer you more on that, too)) that meets in my studio. we gather in the format i love most: gathering around conversation, food, a creative project, and story telling.

    this past month's gathering included creating prayer flags in any form. i shared a brief word about tibetian prayer flages. each were invited to form a prayer through each "flag" or "shape" created. some chose colors, a combination of colors, shapes, or patterns that held meaning. some have images sewn into them. i'll try to gather images of each and share them for you to see the difference.

    i've done these with groups using paper, fabric, or a combination of both. i'll create a project card with a materials list, etc. feel free to "friend" me on FB: suzanne stovall vinson or send your email to: slsvinson@me.com and i'll send the project sheet along when i've typed it fully.

    happy to know you! will you happen to be at the YCW conference in august?