27 October 2010

life stories: tree reflections

of all the sacred spaces trees represent so much to my spirituality. i know you'll find connection in those spaces, because you're connected, too. lately i've been giving time and energy in considering where my roots are planted, both physically and emotionally. think of the process from a holistic perspective : mind, body, and spirit. the space i occupy feeds me, and i believe i am to nurture that space in order to grow more fully.

so i share thanks and name what feeds my soul, from the very soil that my tree is rooted.

through relationships, chance encounters with kindred spirits
from the colors that surround
connecting to nature, in moments and large pieces of time
finding a good mug, filling it with something warm, and holding it with two hands
reading a good book
sharing stories of life in the dark spaces and in areas of growth and change
a visit to my amazing, spiritual therapist
practicing yoga
being loved by my loves
speaking with a treasured soul

there are so many spaces that i know offer renewal. there are also spaces where i go that take the life out of me, where just entering the room knocks the wind out of my sails. where i am not who i am everywhere else. i'm offering myself the time and space to breathe deeply, to stand in the light of truth, and to offer are in knowing myself better. rather than soak in the anxiety and woo-woo that surrounds me in those moments, i can stand tall and be myself. that's mine to own.

we're each created from a sacred source, from a well of water that runs deep. i aim to connect to that source of light and life on a daily basis, hourly basis as i'm able. i find that connecting to the source of life, to the sacred well, to the very water we're created from is the way in which my soul is nourished. the spaces in which that well runs differs day by day, though i'm learning some tricks.

bath salts are amazing. taking off my shoes and walking in the grass grounds me. taking my shoes off anywhere is grounding. a deep breath is a gift. shaking the dust off my feet when i am home, leaving the day at the door is a good practice.

i'm not perfect. nope. wouldn't claim to be. we're each on a journey to know ourselves. i am so amazed by how well we can know ourselves in this moment, this day, touching our wisdom even for a split second. while it's a sacred practice of centering, moving directly to the source of life, i know that it happens in the dirt: in the daily art of living. life is in the dirt.

where are you rooted?
where do you find the renewal and rest?
where are you given the opportunity to grow?

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