28 October 2010

life stories: tree reflections no. 2

when i stretch out my branches and grow, there's a natural pruning that takes shape. whether i like it or not, there are those around me that stir something within me that gives me question: am i growing in the right direction. am i seeking the light with these branches. do i stretch in a way that will honor future growth?

when i find success in my professional life, in art and ministry, i am elated. i truly take each workshop, each group no matter how large and let the excitement of the stories fill me, surround me. i take the support groups and hold them with tender arms. i sit by the stories shared and i treat them as they are: sacred.

yet in this success, i know there's some questioning that takes place. is this questioning a holy pruning or is it something that inhibits growth? when the inner critic speaks, do i listen? when you stand in the light of your truth, you make waves. you tend to speak through your presence. when others become uncomfortable, do you recognize the discomfort and calm them? or do you stand in the presence of calm that is you and let the breeze of their business move through your branches? i'm still pondering these tree reflections. perhaps today you have the wisdom that is meant to be shared.

it's an interesting thought, to look at how you're rooted, to see how you stand tall and reach to the light with your branches. it's in the dark that the real growth takes shape. it's in the light that the progress can be seen. i'll continue to reflect on trees as i watch their growth, witness the changing leaves and step kindly among them on my daily path.

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