28 April 2010

spaces to create and spaces to speak.

i'm called to be in a variety of spaces creating these days. there have been other spaces where i've been writing and my voice is present. visit these spaces for a glimpse of why i've been more silent on revartmom. there is certainly a flow to the way our spirit and voice is used. there are many spaces in which we live and work and have our being. here are a couple of spaces where my wandering spirit is present:

And in the spirit of voice & where my attention has been gathered in the past weeks: another's voice of testimony of last weekend's Creative Renewal & Silent Retreat (parts of the retreat were spent in individual silence, while other parts were spoken. the blue bucket was a gift for each participant, including coffee filters & watercolor crayons):

Through your emphasis on one's creativity, I left the retreat feeling that the Lord "handed" me a handful of markers and gave me permission to explore and have fun with my artsy self. I could never draw, but I love to play with colors, fabric, papers, etc. and with your encouragement, I look forward to playing with my new crayons furnished in the cutest little blue bucket. ~Linda Williams, Virginia

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