28 April 2010

sometimes it's as simple as thread & cloth

sometimes a task seems so large, that it will take so much time that you don't even start it. as it turns out, once you begin you realize that you've spent far longer thinking about the task than actually working on it's creation. such is the case with this project i've been working on this week.

i have wanted to have a handmade sign for the spaces where i display my art: at markets, shows, and retreats. i speak to the importance of naming (read more about naming on calledtocreate) and wanted to offer the same for myself by creating my own banner. it may seem to another not as significant, but for me, i'm amazed at how lovely something so simple can be. i love the simplicity of my concentric circles in all their forms: hairpins, brooches, bobby pins, mixed media, and especially on this banner. i will wear this name proudly: the name of my art/studio and my name.

i continue to reflect on my name: moving from my maiden name to my middle initial in most spaces now (but not all). moving to using my name more and more in my art. it's important to say our names to one another. to speak the words of who we are into the world. to use our voices and say our peace. sometimes it's as simple as cutting & sewing fabric onto a piece of cloth.

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  1. Oh, your words - lovely and powerful and true. And your banner is just perfect. I can't wait to see it up close and in person.