09 March 2010

the 65 roses project

my friend Nikole is awesome. she's an amazing women, mother, artist... aunt. read about her project on her blog: a happy nest. she's making 65 roses in honor of her beautiful niece caroline. i won't add my words except to send you to hers: go. go now. take your favorite mug filled & read. take a look at the amazing work of her hands in making a happy nest for her & her family. indeed: she is awesome. i look forward to selecting one of these and wearing it for caroline...

1 comment:

  1. awesome.

    just wanted you to know i am thinking about you and miss you some kind of awful. i pray that you and the family are doing well. i also pray for peace and comfort to wrap itself around your wonderful, gorgeous self. you are such a hero for me. i love you. muah!