13 March 2010

tree of life quilt for kacey & scott

i love making quilts, but not for profit. i love making quilts that send love and life to those whom they are given. for kacey and scott this quilt is a quilt that took almost a year to create & give. the time is relative, as it didn't feel like a year, but a collection of moments i could think about these friends and send love through each stitch. i'm eagerly awaiting the work of kacey's hands: an awesome painting that will hold some of my own treasures. i'm so thankful for so many of you creative friends.

as quilts and love are on my mind this week, i thought i would share pictures both familiar & some new of this quilt. you can see more of this quilt on my flickr set: quilts + fabric.

an image of the back of the quilt.


  1. So amazingly beautiful. What a treasure this will be. Love the color strip on the back too - how lovely.