30 December 2009

home sweet home

i'm oh so thankful for such a good time traveling to see family & friends. i'm at peace with the time we had in each space and am grateful for a wonderful worship at a beloved church. it's been a busy time, but we took time to breathe deeply and take note of those surrounding us. pictures will come as i have moments to organize them. i have much to do (my mind says) but my body responds: rest. breathe. exercise. eat. drink.

much is in store for this spring with my writing, art, and retreats that i'll be leading. so many ideas spring up from what is happening that i have to remind myself that what's given is enough for now. there's time and space (and lists and files) for those good ideas and expansions. today i'm reminding myself: work on what's in front of you. be where you are in the moment. be present to yourself and the two loves in your midst. breathe in deeply & exhale. and repeat.

we are home. there's a goodness in that. the also goodness today is knowing that i'm at home in myself, so that along the journey it's all good. it's sometimes grand. it's always appreciated.

welcome, home. welcome home. love and peace and good tastes to you and yours. may what you have fill you with warmth, all the way to your toes. and if your toes are as lucky as mine, you'll feel quite special.

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