18 December 2009

life in our cozy home

six years of marital bliss are marked this sunday. of course i reflect on how much of our time has been with our sweet son jo. his presence gives us a great sense of wholeness and joy and life and fills us with love. my eyes well up with tears quickly these days as i know the days are fleeting. he's turning 4 in march. 3.75 is just too old! yet i love each moment with him and each developmental marking. we're treasuring those markings tonight and in the days to come as we assemble the annual jo jo book/calendar/album of sorts. each year it's different, and this year we celebrate so much.

as we look to the wintery weather mix this weekend, i'm reminded by what fills our home: the smells of baking, the sounds of play, and the laughter and conversation mingled together. we love being with one another. the next few weeks will be bliss as we are together in threes or in our larger family & friend groups. we gather together...and we celebrate the year that is coming to a close. but, not yet... not yet. each moment is a treasure that speaks. each breath is a gift.

as we make our nest this weekend we'll enjoy the food we have rather than rush out for any "supplies". we'll taste fresh fudge & caramels (first attempt!!!) and drink hot cocoa. we'll eat soup & bread and (hopefully) play uno (provided we have all the cards in one place). and we'll BE together. that's the best of this year: BEING together.

over the past months i've talked about centering & presence. meditation & practice. i've mentioned many moments of organization & learning that have taken place. the last month i've been more quiet as i listen to the sacred center. i've been reflecting on what i REALLY want in life and what i have to others. do these match? answers arrive when i'm not asking the questions, but waiting. i'll continue to wait for answers, but more importantly i'll be present to myself, my sweet family, and to the moments that come to us--both in our nesting space and in the breathing space we create as we move from one city to the next.

postcards will come from our sometimes annual holiday tour of the south. 2009 isn't over yet. words will come. i continue to articulate for a kindred spirit post. something about the desire for those gifts me with them, and for that i'm thankful: for both the words & the presence of kindred spirits.

tonight i move into our space and create calm amidst the chaos of good, creative play that lingers in the floor. i'll warm up the yummy soup in the fridge, and i'll prop up my feet. hopefully the knitting needles will somehow end up in my hands. i'll enjoy the beautiful christmas tree and the many handmade and given ornaments. i'll consider opening the bubbly we received today just because. we continue our together time, inviting the snow. we will BE together. we are together and we are whole.


  1. amen, amen, amen...and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! wow, how time flies. i remember that beautiful ceremony just like it was yesterday. :)

    love you. mean it.

  2. so good seeing you the other night. love you. mean it. :)