16 November 2009

the weekend in photos

what a great turnout for the Holiday Hotcakes show in Baltimore! my goodness. there were so many great artists there. so many kindred spirits in one space.

we enjoyed brunch a.k.a. my all-time-favorite-meal-of-the-day at my favorite spot for just such a meal in Baltimore: Mrs. Shirley's. Yum and yum! these glorious chocolate waffles were among the delicious food we enjoyed. so so good. the day was perfect for outdoor dining!

kacey of Found Studio's online etsy shop holds all sorts of goodness. i love love love her paintings. so beautiful. we have 3 of her tasty bacon ornaments for the tree and egg ornaments to come! kacey's work will be at our richmond holiday hotcakes show december 15th!

ana's hands with her beautiful polish! i love the work that ana puts into her pottery and jewelry. she's a potter, minister, and traveler (among other talents). ana's work will also be in the richmond holiday hotcakes show!

gary's shadow boxes are simply amazing. the boxes are constructed of old door frames and each box carries a story. i love looking into these and getting caught in a dream of the story. his photography is awesome, as one graces my happy studio. his work can be purchased from Red Tree Baltimore where gary will greet you with the best of smiles. one of these will be mine very, very soon. we hope to have a few of these at the richmond holiday hotcakes show as well!

my concentric table circles captured. i love these and they received so many compliments. had to share this image, which i truly enjoy. this great program is called ShakeItPhoto for iphone. thanks to sarah of the small object for posting about this app! i've been wanting something fauxlariod (in the spirit of polariod) and i like this program better than the other i downloaded.

new celebration circle ornaments available through the holidays to meet my blessing birdie ornaments. love, love these and the meaning that goes into the pockets on the opposite side as pictured. soon to come in my etsy shop.

and the quilt is complete. i left her with her new happy owners. she was fun to work on this past year. i have ideas for some lap quilts that i'll do next, modeled after one that my grandmother made for me years and years and years ago (okay, so i was in high school). still a few years ago.

more to come this week as my energy returns and shows, along with facilitation bereavement support groups, are a little more spaced out. until then, enjoy these kindred spirits and the wonderful work of their hands! cheers.

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