09 November 2009


sometimes what you'd planned doesn't happen the way you'd hoped. my hands were busy this weekend not in the ways i'd planned or hoped, but in ways they were needed. our family kept fort in our cozy home as we sought healing from the crud. we can't plan for illness. i wasn't able to hear the stories shared by so many women this last weekend, but look forward to the next opportunity. the next story. the next retreat.

may we adjust to these moments of illness & disappointment well. i'm ever-so thankful that my son is healthy. he is the sweetest boy who took care of us with his kindness & story telling. his stories & songs lifted my spirits. this morning he sang, this is the day before skipping off to carpool. sweet child who delights my days, be blessed as you bless others.

now to make more hot tea, to stitch a little, and to rest a lot. peace.

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  1. rest well! glad you are all recovering. we've been doing the same thing around here.