01 November 2009

handmade with love

love really moves through my hands into my work. i love that i am able to use these hands to create images, wears, and meals. i love that my hands can provide healing touches and caring embraces to others in need. what speaks to me most is the connection that others have in a group or individual who finds something special in the work of their hands as we journey together. these deep, spiritual connections are why i love what i do. they connect with the creative spirit and experience freedom & empowerment in what they create with their hands.

this weekend i'll be leading 4 workshops at a women's retreat. i'm looking forward to the time in outdoor spaces and the time with women. there will be over 1000 women over the 3 days, with an unknown number in my workshops. exciting. so many hands with so many stories. so much love and so much depth that will be expressed through art + spirit groups! my heart is full. each opportunity to share the work of my hands fills and feeds me, just as the work of my hands preparing the week's menu & creating meals feeds me (and i see the literal significance, too).

creating takes on so many forms in our lives. i am thankful for the good time with my son this weekend as my love was with family participating in the ritual of celebration & sending as a great uncle has died. i am thankful that my son and i had good, good time together and with the sweetest of friends. i am thankful for a meaningful all saints day in our church, sitting beside a sacred soul. i am thankful that this past weekend has fed me with energy for the coming weekend. the creative balance meets through bereavement work + retreat spaces + art + family. my awareness is on the energy that flows into me as i work in these spaces as well as the energy that flows from me in these spaces. the coming weekend will also bring a balance for my boy as he receives good attention from his father. we are indeed creative these days as knights, pumpkin carvers, granola bakers, and makers of safe, creative spaces.

i am thankful. may our gratitudes touch others this day.

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