26 October 2009

life stories: offering thanks

for morning light gracing the kitchen window, i give thanks.
for gardenias in october, i give thanks.

for pumpkins carried to be carved or painted, i give thanks.
for imagination and excitement over the fall leaves, i give thanks.

for hands touching the water after the rain, i give thanks.
for jumps, splashes, and giggles in the puddles, i give thanks.

for the feel of the earth and the art of fingers at play, i give thanks.
for the hands that hold mine, i give thanks.
and for the hands i hold, i give thanks.

my heart is full, thankful, and warm to the light. may the light that enters your kitchen window fill your home with good energy & warmth. may the light of sweet eyes, smiles, and hearts be given to you this day, offering a moment's peace and comfort during still moments that need that touch. peace, sister. peace, brother. peace.


  1. For pictures of Joe! God bless you guys.

  2. how could you not give thanks when your kid has such amazing hair!!!!?