23 October 2009

inspiring spaces: mama-girl folk art

folk art is sometimes simple, sometimes grand, sometimes inspiring. Meet Mama-Girl. she was a featured artisan at the Richmond Folk Festival this year and i am hooked.

a friendly bird says hello and wants to tell you a bit about life. what does she tell you?

my favorite work: creation. this is one (or like) i hope to have one day in my collection.

the artist's hands displaying her work. each piece is hand crafted from newspaper into paper mache' sculptures, freestanding and hanging works. she paints each with bright, straightforward colors.

each of her two white house and first family paintings sold. when i saw her at the folk festival, nearly everything had been purchased. i was tickled pink that she was vending across from me last week, where i could walk over and admire her work at length.
here the artist places two more watermelons on the most recent purchase, customizing her work on the spot. she is delightful and i hope that you look her work up sometime soon, and tell a friend! you can reach Mama-Girl at momma-girl [at] hotmail [dot] com.

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