11 September 2009

breathing room

when i need a moment to meditate on something good, i look to my grandmother's painting or listen closely to birdsong. her love of birds was evident in the way she spoke to us of their names, their colors, their flight. she would sit with us on her front porch, swinging and singing and telling tales of birds. my grandmother's influence is a direct part of why i love birds: watching, listening, drawing, and cutting their shapes. birds build their nests with care, gathering just what they need. they keep their nest tidy and sometimes add a little splash of color if fabric, thread, and other materials just happen to be present.

as i continue to build and refashion our nest, i'm learning a little something about myself, as well as being reminded of what happens when the weather turns. i'm reminded of seasonal allergies and it's not fun to be reminded of seasonal allergies. i'm reminded of how much good fall meals mean to our family. i'm reminded of how good a cinnamon apple candle smells when lit.

i'm learning something of myself and the voices that i know are present in me to store away, to save, and to leave for another day. these voices are some that i love as well as the inner critic. this new system now integrated into my day is helping me to look at things anew. it's helping me to take a few steps forward in cleaning & reorganizing my home space. i'm also learning that this journey is one that goes well with coffee & hot tea. of course, what doesn't? as i write, i realize that it's time spent not doing something else, but writing is a part of my day, even if you don't read it here. i've been working on so much over the last year with my business, life, and dreams for the future. some projects are still "in the works" while others are being reached. a second website is almost complete, a book proposal is at least half-way there, and i'm ready to make time to see these come to fruition.

i'm learning that i'm about to burst with excitement with what the days ahead have in store. i'm excited and a little anxious all at the same time. so today i am giving myself some breathing room. breathing room to write this record of my journey. breathing room to love on my son (always and always) and receive his love. breathing room to see my clothes hung up (color coordinated). breathing room to breathe deeply (a spiritual practice, i believe: connecting the mind, body, and spirit). the space that i must work in today includes sewing two-ways (hand and machine) as well as the immediate: sorting through fabric to share and fabric to place on shelves. so that's where i'll spend time now. i'll also reflect on the weekend, listen to The Frames, and show appreciation for this day and the days to come, seasonal allergies or no.

appreciation for today and the days ahead: we will enjoy hospitality tonight with a friend + share hospitality as another friend joins us for the weekend. so this weekend: we will breathe deeply in the fall air, breathe deeply with the company of good friends, and breath deeply sharing a September weekend together. may we each find good, meaningful moments with ourself and others this weekend. cheers.

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  1. i just teared up thinking about granny. what a wonderful woman. love the painting.

    love YOU. mean it.