17 September 2009

birthing miracles: a prayer

photo courtesy of fertilecrescentfarm.

Creator of Life, who breathes us into being, whose spirit can be the first breath, whose knowing can be the first knowing, grant your spirit of love, presence, and peace surround parents who birth hope today. To parents whose child comes from birthing waters of development into the world full of infinite possibility, draw your loving presence near. As you draw near, dance among these, pouring all the love and affection coming from many parts of creation to these we love and bless.

Well maker, bless the wellspring whose waters flow: tears of love, tears of gratitude, tears of pain, tears of joy, tears with no name. These waters from your source become waters of welcome, as part of the birthing waters this day.

Creative Presence, as you have paired creatively these who will love and be loved, may your spirit work within the transformation taking place through love. whether by labor of love in a car, train, and plane to birth a new daughter who is birthed through hopes and dreams and love in a creative, courageous way, or through the process of labor, birthing a child in a room with midwife and father, soothe and support their laboring love.

Wellspring of Life, may the anticipation of waiting and watching and laboring become the sacred gift of life, the gift of hope, the gift of dream. Bless these who wait, these who welcome, these whose hearts are filled so full. Bless the prayers and hopes and dreams surrounding this creative mystery this day.

Mothering God, may birth bring pure love, light and peace to these and their supportive families and friends. Delight be shared in all ways in this day and the days to come for these as parents who travel to meet their child and for children who travel to meet their parents. May the birthing waters within, surrounding, and oceans below be for these the waters that bring miracles.


Today, may S, A & B each be blessed as they bless. Receive love, friends.

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