09 September 2009

creative spaces: filing and sorting part one

piles and more piles. that's a good way to describe all the accumulated bills, sketches, and idea sheets that have gathered over time. many of which i'm wanting to just recycle. in fact, it would be so much easier to just toss them out the window, scattering them into the yard in some moment of triumph. *sigh* then you must go outside and pick up all that scattered goodness off the lawn, so it wouldn't work. instead, i think i'll just follow suit and work through these stacks, even if my shoulders hurt. i'll sort into piles as instructed by my reframe organizing gurus. there's a process here and it's good. it's better working through and finding that design i REALLY wanted to make a new block print from. it's better to show myself that i can work through the lazy toss-it-out-the-window fantasies.

today i'll share my sweet finds with you. as i mentioned wanting to go vintage & already-have or repurposed materials here at home, with the exception of clear folders for my business happenings. part of this process is developing a system of handling orders and wholesale orders for my business in a really smooth way. i love the clear folders because i can see what's in them without taking anything out, which is very helpful for my needs. they're pretty long-lasting as well.
even my circles that are in-process can chill out in the envelopes before they are stitched. these envelopes are what the files come in. i just love these to hold my wears, too. nothing goes to waste here.
so, i purchased a few more files + a filing stand. i had a coupon. two coupons, really. these folders are part of the Peter Walsh [IN]PLACE system, which i purchased at Office Max (see the receipt is already filed away). the purchases have been very economical because of my ink cartridges maxperks credit + sales. and pardon the last photo: needed a little fuzziness for the materials in this picture. the file isn't living here, but as this is a process, each part of my studio will be transformed, including the crazy space to the left of my desk, where this file sits on a smaller table. the process is good to record, write about, and share. now off to use the remainder of my son's "rest time" to get to today's activities.

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  1. please come help me when your done!!! i don't even know where to start in my jumbled-mess of a house!!! AGH!!!! i just keep hoping when i close my eyes and open them back up that everything will be in its proper place. BUT...that hasn't happened yet. :(