08 July 2009

a week of story

as i prepare for a storytelling & art event for a fellow young clergy woman, i am excited and energized.  her theme "the story of me" is go great.  these teenagers will work with me and make accordion-style books incorporating painting, collage, drawing, and journaling.  can you tell that so much will happen in a short amount of time?  we'll have a grand time creating and talking.  above is the custom logo created for her theme and will be put to great use.  the stories shared will be full and meaningful.  it's going to be amazing.  i'm looking forward to the entire week, including gathering with sweet friends and reconnecting in meaningful ways.

these days have been busy enjoying the mild summer, cooking with really good produce, watching my preschooler grow and discover, vending at various markets in town, creating new hairpins & art, and writing plans for upcoming group work.  a good life.  a creative life. 

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