09 July 2009

life stories: magic beans

what a sweet treat but for my farming husband to harvest these beautiful magic beans this morning.  i loved receiving this treat of our first black beans harvest.  they're simply magic. these simple, beautiful beans are such a source of inspiration to focus on this moment.  the colors are so lovely with hints of purple.  beans, that when planted create magic as their plants grow.  oh, i love our happy garden and our cozy home.  

it's a treat to have the home all to myself today.    i love the day getting my work and fabrics organized, tying up some loose business ends, taking photos of a truly artsy friend's spectacular work, and taking deep breaths.   all of this energy will be poured into creativity, with those magic beans near.  i'll celebrate new art and design as i carve, and will work on writing a new program working with the chronically ill for the fall and prepare for the evening's bereavement work.

these magic beans care for me in their simplicity and beauty as i create work that is meant to care for others.    

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