06 March 2009

birthday week in review

stop and smell the roses...or the tulips and lilies. 
jo's actual birthday - birthday cake.  cake three.  birthday three.

cake two.  party two.  
[first cupcakes at school + birthday parade & song fun]

window decor.  sewn fabrics in a chain.  fish on the end.  
these make me happy.

all of jo's friends and our friends played well together, with excitement building for each in the days before his party.  we gathered at the house for some worm painting, "fishing" with felt fish & handmade pole, food, flowers, and good conversation.  party preparation takes time and energy, but i took my time each day or two making something for the party & casually thinking through what would be simple + meaningful to jo on his day.  we achieved success with a good party, no tears (that i remember) and a good day following.  

sometimes these events are overwhelming for our son.  he's so young and still plays so much alone or with an adult.  i want to nurture him in appropriate ways to be social but also to be his autonomous self.  i, we, are proud of our son for his growth, his learning, his bright smiles, and most especially his love for others.  

we have played slow in the snow each day since his birthday weekend.  we have traveled with friends.  jo befriended families in 2 of the 3 restaurants between baltimore and metro d.c.  it's been a full week.  not for rushing or worrying about details, but full for the space our friends & loved ones occupy in our lives, in our hearts.  thanks, friends. 

my thoughts are with a friend who is beginning stages of labor.  love you, black betty!  
my thoughts are with many i left last night with the bereavement group.  peace to you.  

deep breath.  open eyes.  fresh day.  
soak in the sun streaming through the kitchen window. 
enjoy this moment.  enjoy this day. 


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