03 March 2009

snow day loveliness

winter scene from our back window.  
lights were out (no electricity through the night, but we were bundled). 
it was enchanting to see the glow of the snow.  
sweet jo in the snow.

oh, the slow days of a snow day.  as a middle school boys' teacher, my husband was happy to get the news of the cancelled school day.  first in 4 years!  we all were overjoyed.  we attempted a snowman, but couldn't get the snow to pack just right, so we settled for a snow sea turtle.  yes.  

saying goodbye to our snowy sea turtle, we found a make-shift sled and were off to the hill.  our sled made it through two runs.  so many adults, teens, and children were gliding and sliding.  what fun.  trudging back and forth through the snow made some fun new family memories.  as with each new activity spent together with our jo, we loved playing together in the snow.  richard measured 9 inches mid-day in our backyard.  most is still around.  lovely.  we love the slow days of snow days.  

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