26 February 2009

birthday plans - installment no. 2

as with life, the posts on this blog weave through sacred musings, life with a preschooler, and life as an artist.  the way i think and live and move creates a space where these are mingled together, thus, reflections on life and death - liturgical movements - and birthday party plans all together.  i don't think i need to say this if you read my blog with any regularity.  the contrast strikes me particularly this morning.  

a fancy topper for the cake.  
jo, in true self-portrait fashion, with a snazzy 
new fishing pole and happy-to-be-dangling fish.

the strawberry cake. jo's request.  
sipi's strawberry cake from tessa kiros' falling cloudberries.  

the big birthday surprise.  
a jo-jo tent fashioned by mom on a sunday afternoon.  
richard is in charge of finding the suitable sticks for the unit.  

while i created this tent, i used the concept of this tutorial by meg as i processed my design.

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