30 March 2009

calling artists

calling artists who use their art to feed their spirit and the spirits of others to feature work in an upcoming feast art gallery.  the feast festival on may 1st will have a "feast" themed art gallery in which liturgical works & works related to feast texts in scripture will be displayed.  If you have an image that relates to this event, please let me know!  i need to see an image or have a description and a piece of sampled work and the show will be juried during the event.  three prizes will be awarded. 

if you would like to participate, do so!  email me at slsvinson [at] mac [dot] com with your submissions and/or questions.  we ask to receive entries and inquiries by april 10th and you'll be notified by april 17th.  if you want a list of possible scriptures, i have that as well.  one of my tree of life will be an entry in the show, to give you an idea.  we'll accept many art forms:  liturgical stoles, fine art, photography, related quilts or hangings, paraments, banners, etc.  We ask that it's handmade and original.  

check out information related to the feast here!  Register today!  

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